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07/05/2003: Music Industry and RIAA lie and cry again
06/28/2003: Meigs Field is gone but the lowflying aircraft are not
06/03/2003: Today's Popular Music
06/01/2003: More Steve Goodman tributes
06/01/2003: Is it Really Victim-less?
06/01/2003: We remember steve Goodman
05/23/2003: The RIAA is at it again
05/23/2003: Gambling and the in-numerate
05/23/2003: Microsoft made Linux a winner
05/23/2003: An Ancient Symbol is new again
05/23/2003: The Pre-historic Era wasn't what you think it was
05/23/2003: The MPAA is as bad as the RIAA
05/23/2003: Allah Must be Napping
05/16/2003: SCOlings
05/09/2003: Firearm Funny
05/08/2003: Math and Money
05/08/2003: Big Numbers
05/05/2003: The Japanese Automakers are speaking German
05/05/2003: RIAA Dis-information
05/04/2003: My friend Dave
05/04/2003: RIAA Oxymoron #1

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