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Saturday, July 5, 2003

The RIAA and music industry folks keep crying about how the swapping of MP3s is hurting their business. They whine about the 'decline in CD sales' to anyone who will listen. But they are playing games again so they can have their cake and eat it too. They have been found guilty of price-fixing of their CDs. They and the major retailers have earned the wrath of the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Courts. Some time this year they are going to start mailing out checks to music buyers who have registered with the court. The checks will most likely be less than $15, no matter how many CDsthe 'injured CD buyer' bought. But they don't want the publia and news media thinking too much about how they have gotten away with murder. They are willing to go to great lengths to portray themselves as victims. They have been suing students for the students life-savings over music swapping. Yep I said students life savings. Now here is the hand that they don't want you to see: They are making more and more on the sale of Music Videos on DVD. Music Videos are still hard to swap over the internet because of their size. There is very little organized Video swapping. But sales are going well and growing too.

There was was a popular song about how MTV affected the Popular Radio business called "Video Killed the Radio Star" . Quite ironic too. The industry so far has got the public fooled into believing that they are being hurt so bad by "Internet MP3 Swapping" that their sales are declining, but they are only telling you about the CD sales, not the entire business of Music Sales that includes DVDs and VHS. Don't buy their CROCK-a-dile tears!

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